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Miracle Partners Up with Green Edge Compute for HPC Data Platform Development

By Green Edge Compute November 19, 2021

Green Edge Compute has partnered with IT consultancy Miracle to develop a high-performance computing (HPC) data platform for green and sustainable edge data centres. The platform will provide end-users with detailed insights on CO2 consumption and streamline computing service purchasing through self-service capabilities.

Miracle is a leading provider of Linux/Opensource advisory, implementation, operations, and support services, helping innovative companies develop seamless and robust infrastructures and well-oiled middleware machinery. Based on Opensource infrastructure, Miracle enables innovative companies to become uniquely equipped by allowing optimal data integration, application integration and “integration platform-as-a-service”.

Together with Green Edge Compute, Miracle now develops a fully automated, secure, and user-friendly self-service platform where data centre clients can log in, easily order various computing services and gain real-time insights on their CO2 savings whenever they want. Furthermore, the new solution will be the technical setup that enables clients to migrate to Green Edge Compute’s platform. Miracle will also be an essential partner helping innovative companies migrate their applications to Green Edge Compute’s data centres.

Svein Harald Olavesen, Chief Executive Officer in Green Edge Compute, is thrilled about the new partnership.

– Partnering up with Miracle is incredibly exciting. They will be an essential contributor to our new and cutting-edge data centre platform, and they also want to be an active collaborator in Denmark by building unique edge data centres in urban areas. Miracle truly understands and identifies with our sustainability vision and want to take an active part in the green transformation of the data centre industry.

Long-Term Partnership for Innovative Data Platform Development

The collaboration between Miracle and Green Edge Compute is a long-term partnership where Miracle has an equity interest in Green Edge Compute and is their exclusive data platform provider.

– Our strategy is to identify innovative and highly competent industry players who want to partner up and have a financial interest in us. Instead of building a division of system and data platform developers in-house, we rely on a company with the muscles of a large IT development company such as Miracle, Olavesen continues.

The data platform will leverage RedHat technology and their OpenStack and OpenShift platform technology. For Olavesen, leveraging these technologies enables the development of a truly innovative solution with the help of Miracle.

– Using OpenStack and OpenShift as critical tools helps the platform truly becomes future-proof. We could not ask for a better platform than the one Miracle helps us develop.

Taking Data Centres to New and Sustainable Heights

Jan Skelbæk, CEO of Miracle, is excited to be working closely with an ambitious company like Green Edge Compute.

– It is fantastic to work with Green Edge Compute and leverage the latest Opensource technology, realizing that this is the technology area with rapid developments and almost limitless opportunities. Additionally, Green Edge Compute’s high sustainability focus and ambitious approach to modern data centre operation is something we are proud to take part in, he says.

The first version of the data platform is currently under development, enabling data centre end-users to order computing services and measure how much CO2 they are saving by using Green Edge Compute’s data centres. The next step will be to develop a virtual platform for edge computing services, connecting several different data centres in one large, virtual data centre. Miracle will be essential in realizing this brand-new, innovative, and sustainable platform.

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