Patrik Hagelin, Chief Commercial Officer in Green Edge Compute

Leading technical contractor GK partners with Green Edge Compute for data center cooling technology installation

By Green Edge Compute January 19, 2022

Leading technical contractor and service partner GK has partnered up with Green Edge Compute to develop the world’s most sustainable data centre. Starting with a new data centre in Trondheim, GK aims to become Green Edge Compute’s technical contractor for all their future Nordic data centres.

GK is Scandinavia’s leading technical contractor and service partner, delivering smart solutions for ventilation, cooling, building automation, electrical engineering, plumbing and piping. Having a high sustainability focus, GK offers technical installations and consultancy contributing to considerable energy and environmental benefits in combination with optimal end-user comfort in buildings.

GK recently partnered up with Green Edge Compute to help develop the world’s most sustainable data centre in Trondheim. Green Edge Compute’s novel data centre concept is developed in close collaboration with some of the most significant technology companies globally and will accommodate future smart cities, increasing computing needs, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Edge Computing.

Green Edge Compute constitutes the most sustainable alternative in an otherwise energy-demanding industry by thinking sustainably and “green” in every part of the value chain. Green Edge Compute data centres exclusively consume renewable energy, save energy by leveraging efficient cooling technology, and reuse generated excess heat in local district heating systems.

Following an increasing market for cooling solutions and energy utilisation in data centres, Green Edge Compute will rely on GK’s expertise to install and operate necessary heat pump infrastructures and district heating connections in their new data centres.

Patrik Hagelin, Chief Commercial Officer in Green Edge Compute, celebrates the newly formed partnership with GK.

– Green Edge Compute only collaborates with the very best industry players. GK Group is a prominent Scandinavian technical contractor, present in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, making them a natural choice for us to partner up with. GK can deliver the necessary infrastructure for efficient energy utilisation, innovative cooling technology, and energy re-usage in district heating systems. We could not be happier to work with an innovative and sustainable company like GK, he says.  

Driving Sustainable and Green Transformation Together

GK’s vision is to become a sustainability role model and lead the green shift by developing sustainable solutions for future generations, making them an excellent fit for Green Edge Compute’s green ambitions.

– GK aims to become a role model for the green transformation of the building and construction industry, and sustainability permeates all of our processes and projects we participate in. Green Edge Compute and their innovative and sustainable approach to data centre construction and operations were spot-on for our strategy, Taofik Salhi, Department Manager Trondheim in GK, says.

Helping Develop Sustainable Data Centres in Trondheim, Norway

GK and Green Edge Compute currently lay the groundwork for close collaboration to plan, install, and service the new, sustainable data centres.

The first step towards a full partnership between GK and Green Edge Compute takes place in Trondheim, Norway. Being at the forefront of the smart city transformation, the city of Trondheim develops innovative and sustainable energy solutions by implementing Positive Energy Blocks (PEBs), geographically limited areas that consume less energy than what is locally produced. In one of these PEBs, Green Edge Compute is currently building its first data centre.

GK will help Green Edge Compute pilot liquid-cooled CDU units in this new and innovative data centre. Green Edge Compute will facilitate the necessary training from CoolIT Systems, their exclusive CPU cold plate provider, ensuring that GK becomes fully certified to install CoolIT Systems solutions in the future.

– By certifying GK for CoolIT systems, we can help Green Edge Compute with project planning, installation and calculations for technical infrastructure dimensioning in the Trondheim data centre, Salhi says.

Following the successful launch of the new data centre in Trondheim, GK and Green Edge Compute will collaborate to take their data centre concept to other Scandinavian countries. During the next four years, Green Edge Compute aims to develop 12 data centres with close to 20 server racks in each data centre. Efficient installation of cooling technology and heat pumps will be crucial in these development projects.

– GK plans to help Green Edge Compute establish data centres in other Nordic cities. Since GK is located in several Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish cities, we are uniquely equipped to help Green Edge Compute introduce their data centre concept throughout Scandinavia, Salhi explains.

– Green Edge Compute actively challenges the data centre industry and tirelessly work to realize a more sustainable data centre operating model that will accommodate the increasing digital needs of both private sector businesses and public sector organizations. GK is excited to be a part of this journey, Salhi closes.

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