GEC and Paul Mathias Fiskaaen from CGI Energy Norway

IT Consultancy Firm CGI Norway Partners with Green Edge Compute

By Green Edge Compute November 25, 2021

CGI Norway and Green Edge Compute join forces to introduce new, sustainable and innovative edge data centres to the market.

CGI Norway is one of the largest IT and business consultancy firms globally, offering end-to-end business and IT advisory, system integrations, application development and maintenance, and infrastructure operations and management.

Green Edge Compute is a newly formed company focusing on building and operating sustainable and environmentally friendly edge data centres. Aiming to make green computing power accessible where people live and work, the company develops urban, compact, and sustainable data centres.

CGI Norway and Green Edge Compute recently joined forces to take the new and innovative edge data centre concept to the market. Green Edge Compute will rely on CGI Norway to market and sell their data centre concept, while CGI Norway will leverage it to offer new and existing clients a green alternative.

– We are incredibly excited to be a part of Green Edge Compute’s sustainable data centre concept. Our clients and their investors increasingly require more sustainable solutions, and we experience an increased willingness to invest in greener and more measurable sustainability initiatives. CGI Norway aims for net-zero carbon emissions within 2030. The ability to offer green data centres to our clients is one of several important initiatives to reach this goal, Paul Fiskaaen, Energy Director in CGI Norway, says.

A Market Collaboration

Together, CGI Norway will include Green Edge Compute’s data centre as part of their service portfolio, targeting energy companies, utilities and public sector organizations needing low-latency, high-performance computing (HPC) services delivered locally and sustainably.

– We believe in CGI Norway and their ability to help introduce our data centre concept to the market. Furthermore, CGI Norway has a high sustainability focus that perfectly matches Green Edge Compute’s visions and ambitions. We are thrilled to create a united front with CGI Norway, paving the way for innovative and green data centre operations, Svein Harald Olavesen, Chief Executive Officer in Green Edge Compute, says.

Recently, CGI Norway and Green Edge Compute together participated in the most prominent IT conference for the oil and gas industry, Energyworld 2021, to spread the word about the cutting-edge, sustainable edge data centre concept.

Liquid Cooling for Sustainable Data Centre Operations

Green Edge Compute develops green data centres in urban areas with innovative cooling technology that accommodates optimal use of excess heat and enables efficient energy utilization.

Instead of using traditional air-cooling methods, Green Edge Compute leverages liquid cooling. Liquid cooling enables the interchange of heat on the processor level, making it possible to achieve temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. This allows the opportunity to reduce the energy necessary for data centre cooling up to 90% and total energy consumption level by 40%.

Additionally, Green Edge Compute reuses the generated heat by connecting the data centre to city district heating systems and delivering heated water back to local utilities, which may use this heat as a sustainable heating resource.

Furthermore, Green Edge Compute’s data centres take up less space than traditional hyper-scale data centres, achieving a data centre size reduction of up to 90%, enabling the opportunity to use existing buildings in urban areas.

– We build our data centres in existing buildings in urban areas and ensure everything is truly green and sustainable from the get-go. Because we use liquid cooling, our data centres are not dependent on space between each server rack, as you would with air cooling. This enables us to build compact data centres. With the emergence of 5G, urban areas will soon require increased data capacity. We eliminate the need to transfer energy over long distances by building data centres locally, Olavesen says.

For CGI Norway, this novel approach to data centre development and operations is crucial.

– We cannot afford to pursue “business as usual” to reach our sustainability goals. We have to think new with our clients to ensure the best transition to a more sustainable option. With more than 40 years of experience for 5000+ clients from a wide variety of industries, CGI Norway is uniquely equipped to ensure that this transition makes a significant difference, says Fiskaaen.

– Green Edge Compute manage to leverage new and innovative technology, develop close ties to leading research communities and acquire the necessary financial backing for future growth. And they do so quickly and efficiently in a time where green and sustainable solutions are a requirement, not something nice to have. Green Edge Compute’s concept is impressive, and something CGI Norway wants to be a part of, Fiskaeen closes.

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