Green Edge Compute to Launch Edge Data Center Pilot Project

By Green Edge Compute October 13, 2021
Green Edge Compute will soon launch a pilot project to demonstrate the world’s most sustainable Edge data center concept in Trondheim, the technology capital of Norway. Organizations and companies willing to participate in the pilot project are welcome to apply.

As part of the EU-funded smart city project +CityxChange, Green Edge Compute builds a new generation of green and sustainable data centers in the heart of Trondheim city.

Aiming to make green computing power accessible in areas where people live and work, Green Edge Compute will use the pilot project to show how compact and sustainable data centers with high-performance computing and low-latency services can be developed in larger cities.

– We want to demonstrate that it is possible to build green and sustainable data centers cost-efficiently in urban areas, says Patrik Hagelin, Chief Commercial Officer in Green Edge Compute.

The new data center will reduce the total data center size by up to 90 % using state-of-the-art high-density hardware. This makes it possible to repurpose existing buildings instead of building new big data centers – all to save CO2 and locate computing power and data storage closer to user technology needs.

– We firmly believe our concept will generate massive CO2 savings and is the world’s most environmentally friendly data center solution. The pilot project will help us back up this thesis with objective data, measurements, and calculations, Hagelin continues.

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Establishing Confidence in the Market

For Green Edge Compute, the pilot project will be an important step towards establishing confidence in their new data center concept among potential customers and future partners.

– We acknowledge that someone may be skeptical of a new data center industry player aiming to disrupt traditional data center models, Chief Executive Officer in Green Edge Compute, Svein Harald Olavesen, says.

– This makes it all the more important to prove that our data center concept indeed is more sustainable, more cost-efficient, and more suitable to accommodate high-performance computing and low latency needs – without compromising data and network security, Olavesen continues.

Calculating CO2 Savings and Ensuring Data and Network Security

To prove the feasibility of their new data center concept, Green Edge Compute relies on the expertise of several third-party partners.

The Norwegian independent research organization Sintef will stress-test temperature levels and calculate CO2 savings of the new edge data center.

– Sintef researchers will develop methods and models to document and quantify the sustainability gains of utilizing existing buildings, leveraging liquid cooling, making use of excess heat, and using fewer server racks in data center operations. This will help to underpin our sustainability claims, Olavesen explains.

Green Edge Compute also work closely with the telecom industry and leverage end-to-end control mechanisms, 24/7 surveillance, and network-centric firewalls to ensure that their data center will reach the highest possible security levels.

– We plan to partner with organizations that emphasize data and network security and require state-of-the-art security solutions. We are confident that the data center will safeguard even the most critical and sensitive data, and the pilot project will help us prove this for the market, Olavesen says.

Finally, the pilot project aims to verify how well the technology works and how high density of servers Green Edge Compute will reach in their data centers.

– We will leverage liquid cooling and cutting-edge hardware to create 2 MW data centers on as little as 100 square meters. However, the hardware and technology we are using have not yet been tested and implemented in Norway. The pilot project will demonstrate that the technology indeed can rise to the task, Olavesen continues.

Looking for Pilot Project Participants

Green Edge Compute is currently in the first phase of the pilot project, installing hardware developed by the technology company HP. Additionally, they collaborate with the software company Miracle to create a brand-new, modern, and innovative platform.

– We are working closely with Miracle to develop a high-performance computing (HPC) platform with measurable CO2 savings. This platform will make it easy for customers to order computing services and measure how much CO2 they are saving by using our data center, Olavesen explains.

In the next phase, Green Edge Compute will rely on the help of innovative organizations that are willing to test the data center concept in practice. Several leading Nordic and international IT and tech companies have already signed up to participate in the pilot project, but Green Edge Compute wants more collaborators and partners.

– We are looking for innovative partners to take part in the journey towards a greener data center industry. We do not see ourselves as industry competitors, but as an additional resource for everyone to use, Hagelin says.

– If you have large-scale data storage and compute needs and want to be part of a data center industry transformation towards a greener and more sustainable future, we would like to hear from you, Hagelin proclaims.

Want to Participate in the Pilot Project?

If you would like to learn more about or participate in the pilot project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Together we can create a green and sustainable data center industry for the future.

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