Green Edge Compute Enters into Strategic Partnership with Digital Consultancy Firm MarkedsPartner

By Green Edge Compute August 22, 2021

Green Edge Compute has partnered with consultancy firm MarkedsPartner for a long-term strategic collaboration. MarkedsPartner will be the exclusive provider of digital customer journey, marketing, and CRM services to Green Edge Compute.

Green Edge Compute is a newly formed company focusing on building and operating data centers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Aiming to make green computing power accessible in areas where people live and work, the company develops urban, compact, and sustainable data centers.

Green Edge Compute has recently joined forces with MarkedsPartner to take their sustainable data center concept to the market. MarkedsPartner is a consultancy firm based in Oslo and Sarpsborg, Norway, helping companies in a wide range of industries to develop better customer journeys and digitally transform marketing, sales, and customer services processes.

Svein Harald Olavesen, Chief Executive Officer in Green Edge Compute, is excited about the new partnership.

– MarkedsPartner is a full-stack service provider and has the competence we need to introduce our data center concept to the market successfully. We believe this partnership will be a critical success factor going forward, he says.

The collaboration between MarkedsPartner and Green Edge Compute is a long-term partnership where MarkedsPartner has an equity interest in Green Edge Compute and is their exclusive service provider for digital customer journey, marketing, and CRM services. Tønnes Sannem Heian, CEO of MarkedsPartner, is excited to be working closely with an ambitious company like Green Edge Compute.

– We believe in Green Edge Compute, both the concept and the people who run the company. Their innovative and ambitious approach to data center operations is intriguing and something MarkedsPartner is thrilled to be a part of. We think MarkedsPartner is a good match for Green Edge Compute’s ambitions and that we can help them succeed, he says.

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