Energidirektør i CGI, Paul Fiskaaen står ved siden av Jan Georg Larsen, senior forretningsrådgiver i Green Edge Compute.

Green Edge Compute and CGI join forces at Energyworld

By Green Edge Compute May 12, 2022

– During Energyworld in Stavanger, big players in the energy industry throughout Norway will become well acquainted with our new, green data center concept, says CEO of Green Edge Compute, Svein Harald Olavesen.

CGI and Green Edge are close partners in the new data center they are building together in the fall. Thus, it is natural that they join forces at the fair. The two companies recently announced that they are building the world's most sustainable data center in Stavanger. A data center pilot in Trondheim is completed over the summer, while work on the new data center in Stavanger will accelerate this autumn.

Visibility for sustainable data centers

Green Edge Compute views participating at the energy fair, Energyworld, on May the 19th as a perfect opportunity to create attention around their new collaboration with CGI in Stavanger.

– We want to be present where our customers are instead of attending more traditional data center industry fairs, says CEO Svein Harald Olavesen.

CGI is already well known in the energy industry. The two companies will now contribute to the green shift with a completely new data center concept. The data centers in Trondheim and Stavanger will consume less energy due to the new liquid cooling technology.

In addition, the local district can reuse the excess heat from the data center in their heating systems. Combined with an urban location in existing buildings, this fact helps make them far more sustainable than traditional data centers.

The location close to the city also means that one can meet the growing need for edge computing.

– By establishing ourselves in Stavanger, we are closer to a large market in the energy/oil and gas sector. This market will need significant data processing capacity close to where the data originates. With our sustainable concept based on cutting-edge technology, we are well-positioned to become a key player in the new and more environmentally friendly data center industry, says senior business advisor at Green Edge Compute, Jan Georg Larsen.

IT and sustainable solutions are the central themes of the fair

Energyworld is a prominent meeting place for anyone interested in exchanging ideas about technology in the energy industry. This year's edition is the 11th in a row, and the theme fits Green Edge Compute like a glove.

Energyworld writes on their website:

– We want to look to the future to find out where we are going and how the new energy of everyday life will turn out. The challenge's common denominator lies in IT and implementing the correct strategy to ensure sustainable solutions.

– Participating at Energyworld will help make Green Edge Computes contribution to the green shift more visible. CGI already has a prominent position in the energy industry, while we are not as well known. Thus, it is natural that we join forces at the fair, says CEO Svein Harald Olavesen.  

A unique solution for managing energy sales

One of Green Edge Compute's customers, Volue, represented by their strategy manager, Klaus Livik, will give a presentation during Energyworld.
Volue has developed a new and unique solution for managing the purchase and sale of energy, which they have tested in Green Edge Computer's first data center in Trondheim. The presentation is called "Data centers with contributions to the green shift."

The content is described as follows in the program: "Data centers are considered an energy-intensive business where surplus heat from cooling is wasted. Combining services and technology from CGI and Green Edge Compute with an IT solution from Volue, a test area has been established in Trondheim where surplus heat is delivered to Statkraft Varme and sold in a local energy market. This provides a sectoral connection and an energy-efficient data center.

In Stavanger, CGI and Green Edge Compute plan a new data center to develop the concept further. Combining domain knowledge in software, hardware, and energy will create synergies. The result may be the world's most sustainable data center. Volue will present the solution they have developed in collaboration with Trønderenergi - which can handle data center, battery, solar and flexible consumption. "

What is your main goal behind participating at Energyworld?

– The goal is to make the data centers in both locations visible in an important market and, hopefully, acquire new customers. Energyworld is an important event for us, says CEO of Green Edge Compute, Svein Harald Olavesen.