– We have reached several milestones, and more are coming up in 2023!

By Green Edge Compute January 12, 2023

Green Edge Compute has had an eventful year behind it, and 2023 is shaping up to be as crucial for the company. –  This is an exciting time for us. We are entering an entirely new phase, says the company's management.

But let's dwell on the milestones achieved in 2022 because there were many of them.

– The most important milestone was the SINTEF report which proved that our way of building and operating data centers actually is more sustainable, says the chief commercial officer and founder Patrik Hagelin.

In Green Edge's first data center, GEC One in Trondheim, SINTEF documented the sustainability of the pilot project. Green Edge Compute had been waiting for the answer since a positive feasibility study in 2017-18 and presented the crucial results with SINTEF at Datasenterdagen in June 2022. 

A big day for Green Edge Compute

– It was liberating to finally conclude that our data center concept is more sustainable than the other options on the market. Before the SINTEF report was published, we knew our data center idea was theoretically more sustainable. Research has now confirmed that this is also the case in practice. It was a big day for me personally and the company, says Patrik Hagelin.

The results were beyond all expectations. The main findings showed that:

1. The savings potential for CO2 emissions is close to 90% compared to other European data centers and 60% compared to Norwegian ones. That means a reduction of CO2 emissions of 8,000 tonnes of CO2 (90%) and 1,500 tonnes of CO2 (60%) annually.

2. A Green Edge data center also uses much less energy than other European and Norwegian data centers. The reason is liquid cooling and waste heat recovery at a higher temperature with a more efficient heat pump.

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Honored to be one of three Smartby finalists 

The company's efforts to realize more environmentally friendly data centers also led to Green Edge Compute being selected as one of three finalists to win the SmartBy awards last year.

The nomination stated:

"When Green edge compute started this project, they had one goal: To create the world's most sustainable data center concept that meets future technology requirements from today's modern and smart cities. The data center can also provide heat in return to the same area using liquid-cooled servers. A Power City."

– It was an honor to be nominated. We were one of three finalists, but Innbyggerkontakten was ultimately named the winner, says CCO Patrik Hagelin.

He adds:

– The nomination shows that Green Edge Compute is more than just a company operating data centers. We are making cities smarter by collaborating with the public sector, energy companies, district heating, and property companies. Our solution handles data locally in compact energy-saving data centers and utilizes excess heat in a way no one else can. This year we want to be at the top of the podium! Says Hagelin.

Energy Director at CGI Norway, Paul Fiskaaen and senior  business advisor for Green Edge Compute, Jan-Georg Larsen

Energy Director at CGI Norway, Paul Fiskaaen ( on the left) and senior business advisor for Green Edge Compute, Jan Georg Larsen when finalizing the deal in Stavanger. 

Building GEC Two in Stavanger with partner CGI

Even more, important events took place in 2022. The company also expanded its collaboration with the international consulting company CGI Group. 
The new agreement included a partnership around establishing GEC Two, a new data center in Stavanger.

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The data center already has several customers who will use it at start-up. These customers have been brought in through CGI's marketing apparatus. CGI and Green Edge will collaborate both during the establishment of the data center and in the operational phase through CGI's Network Operating Center (NOC).

– The agreement with CGI is also a milestone, showing that both large direct customers and companies that manage other customers view us as a potential business partner,  says Hagelin.

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Green Edge Compute in the office-1

Being able to document sustainability is vital in the years to come says CEO and founder of Green Edge Compute, Svein Harald Olavesen . 

Documenting sustainability is a vital advantage

When CEO and founder, Svein Harald Olavesen, looks into the rear mirror, there are two trends in particular that he has noticed in 2022, that will also affect 2023. There is no doubt that sustainability is at the top of the priority list for most businesses. GEC's ability to document the sustainability their data centers contribute to is an essential competitive advantage.

– Sustainability has been the main focus of many of our meetings with potential customers. Companies have often set ambitious targets of cutting 50% or more of CO2 emissions by 2030. The problem is that they often have not been able to identify which measures to take, explains Olavesen and continues:

– After meeting with us, they realize that IT can be vital in achieving sustainability goals. We are probably the only player in the market focusing on reducing CO2 emissions from our customers. When we are ready to take on new customers, this will be our biggest selling point. Says Green Edge Compute's CEO.

Collaborating with Telenor provides unique IT security

In addition, we have left behind us a year in which cyber security has been a hot topic due to, among other things, Russia's war on Ukraine.

– The consequences can be severe when IT security is not on top of mind. We have seen many examples lately. Our strategic collaboration with Telenor has become even more critical in this climate. Telenor has an extensive security center, a Security Operations Center (SOC). Over 100 specialists in cyber and IT security work there, explains Olavesen and adds:

– It is reassuring to have a security partner who, among other things, is responsible for national infrastructure. We are pleased that Telenor contributes a unique infrastructure to our data centers. That way, we know that we have the best IT security. This is extremely important for our customers and us, says Olavesen.

An exciting phase is ahead

Green Edge Compute is entering an exciting new phase in 2023.

– With even more robust financial backing, we will put GEC ONE into full operation. We will build and operate data centers in several locations in Norway. In addition, we will employ key personnel in several fields, essential contributors to our continued success and growth, says Patrik Hagelin and continues:

– This year, we will take on our first customers and thus reap the fruits of our labor in recent years. We have worked closely with Trondheim municipality for several years, and they will be moving parts of their IT operation into our data center. CGI is also a vital partner that will begin migrating its customers to Green Edge's data center during 2023.

A new Norwegian Technology adventure

The management of Green Edge Compute is ready for this next step of their journey. 

– We are ready for a new Norwegian technology adventure! The market for data centers is growing steadily, and the Norwegian market is growing even more than the European market. In addition, foreign customers have shown interest in Nordic data centers because the CO2 and energy crises are even greater there.

– Many potential customers plan to make changes to their IT systems. Privacy, sustainability, security, and the price of our services are decisive factors that will make us very attractive in that context, CCO Patrik Hagelin and CEO Svein Harald Olavesen conclude.

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